Trial Lecture: Coding for Flash Memories: State-of-the-art and Challenges

, 10:00 am

Trial Lecture: Secure Randomness Generation

, 2:00 pm

Solving problems in Cyber Security

Research in Cryptography and Information Theory

The cryptography department evaluates the security of cryptographic algorithms and explores new applications of cryptography to solve real-world problems.

The information theory department applies techniques from the fields of information and coding theory to construct secure and robust distributed storage systems, design low-delay communications, and create multi-path protocols.

Interested in writing your thesis with us?

At Simula UiB, you can write your thesis under the supervision of one of our researchers, and take part in the scientific and social environment at our research center

Culture at Simula UiB

At Simula UiB, you will work in an environment where respect, diversity, curiosity, and science are cherished.

Additionally, we offer many social events, ranging from hiking or skiing trips to visits to the sauna or movie theatre.