Trial Lecture: Coding for Flash Memories: State-of-the-art and Challenges

, 10:00 am

Trial Lecture: Secure Randomness Generation

, 2:00 pm

Culture at Simula UiB

At Simula UiB you will work in an environment where respect, diversity, curiosity and science are cherished.


Every member of our team is treated fairly and made to feel valued, whether they are a senior researcher, a postdoctoral fellow, a PhD student, a master student or an intern. Everyone’s achievements are celebrated equally!

At Simula, we make every effort to shield skilled researchers from unnecessary research-related activities and to revive the concept of the full-time researcher.


We are a diverse team from different personal and professional backgrounds. By considering the unique needs of every employee, we are creating an inclusive, interesting, and inspiring workplace. All employees are encouraged to take part in discussions ranging from daily office life, social activities to scientific topics. We care about your opinions!

To help people get to know each other and develop these relationships, we invest in a wide range of optional and inclusive social events; we can have fun together both in and outside the office.


At Simula UiB, you can broaden your mind in various directions. We aim to create a stimulating environment where even casual conversations can inspire new ideas during lunch or coffee breaks. We also offer regular seminars and events in which everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their position or area of research. We always encourage you to be curious and ask questions!

All employees have the opportunity to express their opinions; all leaders should be accessible and open to discussion about everything that takes place at Simula.


One of the main purposes of Simula UiB is the education of bright new minds. As a full-time researcher, you will work closely with your supervisors to achieve your goals. Their accessibility and the high quality of their supervision will help you in this endeavour. Your work will both benefit you and help progress science; you will contribute to solving fascinating, complex problems and perhaps new technological developments. We want you to feel confident and proud of your contributions to the scientific community. We want you to know that your work has a purpose. You will be free to work in the way that is most effective and rewarding for you!

Simula UiB provides Norway’s best quality postgraduate-level education and training in cyber security.

The majority of our colleagues have, at one point, been strangers in Bergen or even Norway. Therefore, they know of the struggles you face when coming to a new place, in addition to a new challenging job. We will all attempt our best to make you feel welcome in your new environment. Simula UiB will also offer help during relocation and assist you with any questions that might arise during the process.

We are by your side while you acclimate to your new surroundings and your continued time with us. When you are ready to begin your new life in Bergen, you can take part in many of the activities your colleagues enjoy.

Additionally, we offer many social events, ranging from hiking or skiing trips to visits to the sauna or movie theatre. Have a look at the pictures to get a glimpse of our events! You will also be able to enjoy a regular free Friday lunch. We want to make your time at Simula UiB educational and enjoyable!

The Simula UiB story

In 2012, the Research Council of Norway performed an evaluation of ICT research in Norway. Out of the 65 groups assessed, only five received the top score of excellent; Two groups at Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) and two at the University of Bergen (UiB). The evaluation showed that SRL has strong research on network resilience and software testing and validation and that the Selmer Center at the department of Informatics, UiB has high-quality research in applied computer security, including cryptography.

The report from the Research Council highlighted the need for more research on information security in Norway. As a result, SRL and UiB established Simula UiB as a limited company in late 2015, with the official opening taking place in April 2016.