We hosts seminars, workshops and informal meetings

We host an informal seminar on most Fridays

Friday fun!

Simula UiB has an informal seminar on most Fridays. We meet in Wolf (our biggest meeting room) or digitally.

Join us by sending mail to Åsfrid (aasfrid@simula.no)!


4:15 pm

Simula UiB’s math olympiad!

Are you into math and/or cyber security in general? Join us at our math olympiad! There will be pizza and prizes and an opportunity for you to hear more about how math can lead to cryptography and information theory.
10:15 am
Store auditoriet

PhD Defence: Martha Norberg Hovd

Title of thesis: "Studies on the Security of Selected Advanced Asymmetric Cryptographic Primitives"
11:00 am
Simula UiB Office

Trial Lecture: Deep Learning in Side Channel Analysis

Trial lecture by Martha Norberg Hovd on Deep Learning in Side Channel Analysis.