Friday seminar: Lightweight, Realtime Solutions to the Privacy and Security Issues in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

, 1:00 pm

Friday seminar: Concatenated Codes for Multiple Reads of a DNA Sequence

, 1:00 pm

Friday seminar: Counting Vampires: From Univariate Sumcheck to Updatable ZK-SNARK

, 2:00 pm

Novel analysis and design tools for low-density parity-check codes

LDPC codes have become a standard in wired and wireless communications, as well as in data storage. The principal reasons for the success of LDPC codes are their high resistance to noise and their efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. The goals of this project are to design more reliable codes, new decoding methods, and novel analytical tools to understand better the structure and performance of LDPC codes.

01.09.2013 - 30.04.2017
Vitaly Skachek, University of Tartu and Øyvind Ytrehus, Simula UiB
Project manager
Øyvind Ytrehus
Principal scientist from Simula UiB
Norwegian-Estonian Research Cooperation Programme (EMP133)
Funding source