Friday seminar: Lightweight, Realtime Solutions to the Privacy and Security Issues in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

, 1:00 pm

Friday seminar: Concatenated Codes for Multiple Reads of a DNA Sequence

, 1:00 pm

Friday seminar: Counting Vampires: From Univariate Sumcheck to Updatable ZK-SNARK

, 2:00 pm

SARDS: Secure and reliable distributed storage systems

The term “distributed storage” denotes scalable and economically viable technology for storing humanity’s collective memory. It is unknown how to best design such distributed storage systems that are both robust against arbitrary failures, and secure against targeted attacks. The project addresses these issues through a theoretical approach guided by practical concerns.

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2018
Eirik Rosnes, Simula UiB
Project manager
Eirik Rosnes, Simula UiB
Principal scientist from Simula UiB
The Research Council of Norway (FRINATEK)
Funding source