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PhD student

Alessandro Melloni

Privacy, Tor, Protocols

Visiting Professor

Alexandre Graell i Amat

Department of Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Visiting Professor

Ángela I. Barbero

Department of Applied Mathematics, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Project assistant

Asbjørn Olav Orvedal

Administrative Officer

Åsfrid Persson

HR, Social events & Health, Safety and Environment

Postdoctoral fellow

Carlo Brunetta

Theory of Cryptography, Provable Security, Cryptanalysis


Carlos Cid

Symmetric-key cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Post-quantum cryptography, Cyber-economics

PhD student

Chung-Wei Weng

Millimeter wave 5G networks, Deep learning, Image processing, Privacy-preserving technologies

Master student

Eirik Bergesen

Head of Information theory dep.

Eirik Rosnes

Distributed computing and storage, Edge computing, Private information retrieval

PhD student

Hans Heum

Multi-user security degradation, Provable security, Quantum cryptography

Head of Cryptography dep.

Håvard Raddum

Cryptanalysis, MQ problem, SVP problem, FHE

Chief Research Scientist

Helger Lipmaa

Cryptographic protocols, E-voting, Pairing-based cryptography, Privacy-preserving blockchain, zk-SNARKs

Research Scientist

Hsuan-Yin Lin

Information theory and coding, Information-theoretic security, Privacy-preserving technologies

PhD student

Irati Manterola Ayala

Cryptanalysis, Lattice-based cryptography and Post-quantum cryptography

PhD student

Issam Maarouf

DNA-based storage, Error-control codes, Coding Theory

Postdoctoral fellow

Janno Siim

Cryptographic protocols, Pairing-based cryptography, zk-SNARKs

Master student

Julia Wotzasek Pereira

Supervised in collaboration with Federal University of São Paulo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kateryna Pavlyk

Algebraic structures in cryptography, Cryptographic assumptions, Zero-knowledge, Cryptographic usage of elliptic curves, Isogenies

Master student

Katrine Moksheim

Chief Research Scientist

Kjell Jørgen Hole

Antifragile systems and biologically driven AI

Postdoctoral fellow

Maiara Bollauf

Lattice codes, Source coding, Codes on graphs

Deputy Director

Mari Garaas Løchen

HR, Financial matters & Project Administration

Master student

Maria van der Reek Lidsheim

Postdoctoral Fellow

Martha Norberg Hovd

Homomorphic encryption, Security notions, Lattices

Chief Research Scientist

Martijn Stam

Symmetric modes, Protocols, Provable security, Implementation

Postdoctoral fellow

Morten Øygarden

Computational commutative algebra, Post-quantum cryptography, Multivariate cryptography

PhD student

Nicolas Costes

Power Analysis attacks, Implementation, Real world cryptography

Research Director

Øyvind Ytrehus

Information Theory for Secure Communications, Coding theory, Cryptanalysis

Master student

Palma Persson

PhD student

Reent Schlegel

Information Theoretic Privacy, Coded Edge Computing, Straggler Mitigation, Coded Multicasting

PhD student

Roberto Parisella

Pairing-based cryptography, Zero-Knowledge protocols

Postdoctoral fellow

Sarah Obead

Private information retrieval, private computation and information theoretic privacy

Master student

Sebastian Kvamme

PhD student

Sigurd Jordal

Side-Channel Analysis

PhD student

Stian Husum

Side-Channel Analysis

Master student

Tor Kristian Ellingsen

Postdoctoral fellow

Wrya Karim Kadir

Rank metric codes, polynomials, decoding algorithms

Postdoctoral fellow

Yauhen Yakimenka

Private computation, Information retrieval

Master student

Youjun Luo

Supervised in collaboration with Chalmers